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Sunday, 15 March 2020

10 ways in which Brands Can Utilize TikTok in Their Marketing



With TikTok on the rise, many are now scrambling in their respective app stores and looking to download the trending app in order to learn what all the fuss is about - and for marketers, whether they can use it to promote their products.

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I hate to admit, but I’m among the former, and it wasn’t until just recently that I began looking at it from a brand perspective (as opposed to lamenting the fact that everyone can sing and dance except me).

Aside from its clear youth appeal, TikTok provides a growing range of adoptions and is taking extra measures to educate its users on how to safely use the platform.

Are you thinking about adding TikTok into your digital marketing mix? Then read on to learn more about the short video app.

What is TikTok?

TikTok, almost like Vine before is, is all about short videos.

Most of the app's former users simply uploaded videos of themselves lip-synching to music videos, while the more talented, enthusiastic, and technically proficient members uploaded videos of original content. The latter cohort went on to become influencers on the platform.

TikTok videos are often up to fifteen seconds long, but users also can connect multiple clips together for up to 60 seconds of total recording. Users also are ready to upload longer videos that are recorded outside the app itself.

There's also a live-streaming option and a variety of filters and tools to assist improve your video presentation.

The app is attuned to modern usage trends and caters to an audience trying to find a replacement and exciting thanks to connecting. And clearly, supported the download starts, it's hitting the proper notes with users.

How Can Brands & Marketers Make the foremost of TikTok?

Using TikTok for marketing is really much simpler than you'd think.

There are currently three key options for brands looking to utilize TikTok for promotion:

  1. Create your brands' own channel and upload videos relevant to your business
  2. Utilize influencers to open your content to a way broader (but well-targeted) audience
  3. Pay to advertise utilizing TikTok’s new campaign options (though, personally, I’d recommend holding off on this until the market may be a bit more established)

We’re filled with fun and artistic ideas for marketing on TikTok. Here is a couple of that we hope you'll use or draw inspiration from:

  • In a world where consumers are getting increasingly skeptical of ads, the raw, unedited videos on TikTok are often excellent thanks to showcasing people using your brand in their everyday lives.
  • TikTok videos also can be an excellent place to showcase business behind the scenes or in-the-moment content - for example:
  1. Human Resources can make pieces of training more interactive by going to survive TikTok to conduct their sessions
  2. Landing pages can have you ever popping on to drive traffic to steer magnets
  3. With such a young demographic, TikTok is often great for higher ed marketers and students within colleges and universities. There’s already tons of content to be found on campus - sports, BTS, dance marathons, these all had best.
  4. Boutiques can use TikTok for the ever-popular try-on videos - you'll film an entire seasons worth of sales during a fun sped up video and you'll even add your own hype music
  5. Of course, larger clothing brands also see almost immediate success also. Last fall, Guess was the primary brand TikTok collaborated with within the US for its #inmydenim campaign
  6. Does your product require assembly? User-friendly step by step videos are often produced on TikTok, and even linked to on your packaging.
  7. Restaurants even have significant opportunities. Chipotle was the primary major chain to leap onto the platform, and it recently launched its second major TikTok campaign with the #GuacDance challenge, which encouraged fans to point out off their avocado-themed dance moves inspired by Dr. Jean’s “Guacamole Song.”
  8. #HashtagChallenges are great because they prompt engagement. They’re simple to hitch in and fun. If you’re not yet a well-established brand, you'll also think about using influencers to assist kickstart your challenge campaign.
  9. In-feed native ad: If you enjoy Instagram stories in full-screen mode and feel how good they help in advertising, then TikTok In-feed native ads are just the tool for you. These have options for adding website links and order now buttons on the ad itself, which helps users to land on the page directly. These are skippable ads and have multiple options for designing the general ad. The usage of the ad is often traced by click-through rates, impressions, total views, video viewing time, and therefore the engagements received.
  10. Hashtag challenges: the foremost popular twitter inspired activity that gathers audiences and spreads the brand message organically. The hashtag challenge campaigns are mostly non-sponsored, and with the proper content, they need the power to form any marketing strategy popular amongst the users and consumers. Hashtag challenges by influencers are more achievable for his or her extensive reach, thus making it a far-flung accepted ad concept. Additionally, it garners a substantial number of organic engagements. All you need is a few blogger and influencer contacts and concepts of challenges that are doable and fun, alongside being relevant to the message that's getting pushed.
As a marketer - but also as someone who is heavily influenced by marketing AND as someone that often writes on social media trends, I prefer to check new marketing channels and concepts. Generally, if there's something that's growing fast, I'll do a 1-3-month test before writing or public speaking thereon.

In my time with TikTok so far, I've seen promise, and a chance to attach with audiences in new, fun and interesting ways.

It still features thanks to going yet before it becomes a key channel, but it's going to rather be worth considering for your 2020 campaigns.


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