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Friday, 27 March 2020

Best Application Like Tik Tok

Video world status

Luu App is a new platform like a Tik Tok is an  Android media app for creating and sharing short and long videos and It allows you to download videos without watermark.

Best Application Like Tik Tok

The application allows users to create short and long music videos and a creative video of 1 -20 MB. It is a leading short - long video platform in Asia up to 20 MB, INDIA, United States,  and other countries of the world. IT has three categories of languages. It's a big platform for entertainment and for status lovers.

Luu App

The app was launched in India in April 2019 by DC STUDIO. It's launch globally for Android users in April 2019. The application gained the most popular in India and also the USA and Pakistan. It has 15 categories of entertainment love, images, GIFs, creative, dance, funny, quotes, devotional, good morning, good night, attitude, video, sad, non-veg, motivational videos and motivational quotes, love quotes and other more.

Video Status Downloader

Luu App was developed in 4 months  DC studios. It's totally developed in India. The video World app allows users to create long and short videos up to 20 MB. The video World app team focus every moment it of his users. The video world team do reviews every video and every quote. Ads are totally like TikTok and YouTube. The video world app follows hardline as like YouTube and video word App user interface is so cool and easy. The video world app runs easily the lowest data speed. The Video ward team does not allow sexual video and harmful Video. It's a totally pure platform.
Top 5 Apps Like Tik tok

Luu App Support Multiple Languages

In this app mainly three languages ​​are given probability Hindi, Urdu, English. All types of Hindi, English, Urdu are included in this app. Every user enjoys this app easily. Maybe 75 languages included in this app. You can and share your video and quotes on social media like Facebook Instagram Twitter etc. And you can download every video and quotes. And most popular you can download easily your WhatsApp status and other friends WhatsApp status. And you can and enjoy every moment with friends and family. I can share every moment with friends and will be earned points. And make good payments from bideo word mobile app.

Download Luu App Apk

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      1. Yes Brother ! You will easily download videos from there.

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